Quickstone retaining wall products and features

Quickstone retaining wall products and features

Quickstone interlocking precast concrete retaining wall block designs replicate the finish of natural sandstone or stackstone retaining walls.

There are Quickstone concrete retaining wall block designs, finishes and sizes for almost all retaining wall applications in residential, commercial and public areas, including parks and gardens, sloping blocks, water front properties, car parks, schools, roads, driveway entries and paths.

Quickstone is a strong, durable and versatile retaining wall solution available in mini-block, maxi-block and concrete sleeper sizes.

Quickstone features:

  • Interlocking solid concrete blocks
  • Dry-stacked concrete blocks not requiring mortar joints
  • Flexible joints to absorb ground movements and prevent cracking within the retaining wall
  • Concrete retaining wall blocks are placed directly onto a compacted crusher-dust base, not requiring a concrete footing on most sites
  • Quick and simple to install by builders, landscapers, earthmovers and DIY handymen
  • Low cost installation and maintenance
  • Outlasts timber products, as the Quickstone concrete blocks and sleepers will not rot, twist, burn or deteriorate
  • We can customise the finish to your specifications, material and artwork

Quickstone Sleepers

Quickstone concrete sleepers are excellent landscaping retaining walls and garden edges for commercial and residential sites, available in timber and stackstone.

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